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Scarecrowmale lee for males or females. Imaginative, detailed, fantastic RP. I haven't been on KIK in a looong time cha, but I've recently just re-installed it and started to use it again. Hope we'll be seeing each other sext ts As soon as i ed i was kicked out by whom ever made the group. Creating roleplay fantasies is something that I genuinely enjoy, so if you enjoy that too feel free to hit me up on there.

Your Search Has Ended!, RP Buddies on Kik!

Feel free to message. Kik: Gingerguy Outcall escort townsville lee looking to RP chat with anyone that is interested. All genders welcome. Mostly into around my age or a bit younger, but it never hurts to say hi.

Add me on kik I chat and role play :) | Roleplay, Kik,

I just installed kik after not being on in forever, forgot my username so made a new one. I will ask for a verification pic and I will do that same fyi. Down to chat with all genders and all personal trainer perth. Tickle time is my game!

Sincerely, -Snow. Love talking anything about tickling. Possibly will escorts cz in rp once I get to know you. See you guys there! Lee or ler? My Kik handle is vipirate78, but I caution people to understand that I'm serious about real life meetings. Kik : Ravensfan Can I see a pic of your feet?

Thank you and good work! Still down to roleplay with anyone or just talk feet tickling. Hey yall!

Last edited by GrimReaperx on Fri Jan 27, am, edited 4 times in total. Keen to talk with anyone about tickling. Looking mostly from ppl in UK ones into chat or bait detailed RP but wont mind a pm from anyone so feel free to drop a hello and a few words about yourself Cheers Tomas. Soleofcrota is my kik. If anyone wants to rp my mik is Thievinghonkey.

XboxplayerTMF male ler for female Lee. I show my feet on Skype.


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Will chaf with M or F, lee or ler, but i need to like more graphic themes included such independent asian escort sydney edging, footjobs etc. I am especially interested in foot tickling roleplay with me as the lee, but happy to chat with anyone! Wanted to share here as well.

Jump to. Have rp in the chat room with quite a few people, so hit me up. Take care, Tay.

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I want to try being a lee in RP more and I'd prefer females. Last edited by Amethystia Ichigano on Sun Apr 03, am, edited 1 time in total. You know what I'm talking about: "Hi. Feel free to hit me up! I'm an extremely ticklish Gay male lee in LA hehe.

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