Roleplay chat profile templates



Just copy and paste what's highlighted here: link.

Roleplay chat profile templates

Buy me a coffee. P eople. generated Dec. I've just been wanting a playlist code like this for years.

Roleplay chat profile templates

Is that about right? Clip-Path Biosheet.

More Clip-Path Navs. F ile.

roleplay chat profile templates

Background Profile. Collapse Profile. Hukiolukio I actually just figured it out!

Roleplay chat profile templates

A simple, easily customizable layout. March Code Dump Apr.

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Overlayed Gifs Nav Code. Nullam congue scelerisque leo rutrum pulvinar. Clean Permissions. I'm trying to tune DW's image shrinker to leave decorative codes alone, and to do that I need to identify something that almost all codes have in common.

Diamond Pulse

I think I'll end up using the simple profile for some of my lesser-refined OCs. CODE yuff. An interactive playlist code that incorporates yt videos. I'm not sure which one I prefer yet, but thank you for sharing these templates with us! Sed consectetur aliquam imperdiet. Blog Changes

Ahh, definitely using, the simple one is so nice! Top of. Capsule Profile. Is there other markup you've seen where the image resizing screwed it up but it wasn't inside a table or a styled div? Dropdown Muselist Code.

Roleplay chat profile templates

Thank you! Dropdown Muselist. Clip-Path Navs. I'm painfully new to css and am trying to learn, so any crit, problems, questions, etc.

Pillory code

I'll stop spamming, I swear. Accordion Profile. Sailor Moon Nav Code x WIP Templates. Can anyone point to a decorative code for character sheets or playlists or whatever that isn't anonymous hacker chat room a table or an inline-styled div? Sorry in advance for the non-code-sharing post, but hopefully I can make this worth the interruption.

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Gradient Nav Code x2. Felt like making something relatively clean and easy on the eyes.

Tabbed Profile. You can do a custom color but it won't change with different themes, and it'll also include more then just changing the word 'primary' so if you want to do that I can make a version of the code with customizable colors. Dropdown Biosheet.

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Flip-Through Playlist. Just change the word 'primary' in the coding to default, success, info, warning, or danger.

Roleplay chat profile templates

I might be using Simple or Document for profiles! April Code Dump May.

Roleplay chat profile templates

Smeared CR Chart Code x2. Use this for whatever the hell you want-- game info, whatever. Simple Profile Code.

Jun. 22nd,

TCG Template Jul. But thank you very much!!!

Nav, Permissions, Kinks, Inbox.

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